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  • Synopsis:
    King Konreid, Commander Tarish and Ehb's soldiers arrive at Stonebridge to survey the damage and recruit others to join their army. Merick, another Magus who serves Konreid, tries to learn of Farmer's identity when he notices Norick, who he believes he has seen before. Farmer, Norick and Bastian set off on their own to find Solana. Meanwhile, Merick's daughter, Muriella, who fell in love with Gallian, ends her romance with him after seeing his dark nature and realizing that he only trained her power so he can take it away. She confesses to her father, who believes that her love for Gallian has created an imbalance of their powers in Gallian's favour.
    Directed by
    Uwe Boll
    Written by
    Doug Taylor
    Produced by
    Uwe Boll
    Dan Clarke
    Shawn Williamson
    Wolfgang Herold
    Jason Statham
    Leelee Sobieski
    Ron Perlman
    John Rhys-Davies
    Claire Forlani
    Matthew Lillard
    Kristanna Loken
    Will Sanderson
    Tania Saulnier
    Brian J. White
    Ray Liotta
    Burt Reynolds
    Mathias Neumann
    Edited by
    Paul Klassen
    David M. Richardson
    Music by
    Jessica de Rooij
    Henning Lohner
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