Audi Q7 2010 3.0 TDI Quattro Review & Acceleration

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    In this video I'm reviewing an Audi Q7 from 2010 with an Automatic Tiptronic transmission. This car features a 3.0L V6 Turbocharged Diesel engine which produces 245 horse power and 550Nm of torque. It also features Quattro permanent All Wheel Drive.
    It accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds and top speed is around 220km/h.
    It's an Audi, so we should expect lots of luxurious features over here.
    The interior is cozy, you have plenty of room whether you're the driver or the rear passenger. Everything in this car feels premium.
    The Q7 also comes with air suspension which is outstanding in my opinion. In dynamic mode, it's rigid, tough and sporty. In increases the vehicle's stability and you can go really fast. The last setting of the suspension or the lowest point of the suspension is at 180km/h.
    Fuel consumption is pretty decent for a 2.5 tone car - around 11L/100km on average.
    This unit that I'm currently driving was bought brand new in 2010 and right now it has 252,000km onboard and it runs as new. Maintenance has been always done on time, and the car still feels great. No technical problems at all until now.
    Steering is excellent, handling is excellent, especially for this size, the viewing position is great, and the overall driving experience gives you a premium feel.
    Should I tell you about features? Well, probably not... it has anything that comes into your mind - 13 speakers, subwoofers, sat navigation, xenon, leather, wood, power, and the list goes on.
    Now, what I don't like about this car:
    - it's really heavy - in fact this car is twice as heavy as my Audi A3, so this 3.0L engine carries 2 cars and consumes pretty decently.
    - the tiptronic transmission isn't the best one in the world, they should have used S-Tronic in my opinion. I know they used tiptronic for comfort, the S-Tronic is a bit brutal sometimes, especially on bigger engines.
    - rust ? seriously? My Audi from 2004 barely has any rust, and this Audi from 2010 started to have rust in a few spots. Harsh Audi...
    - having 2.5tones weight seriously wears out tires. You would probably need a new set of tires every 2 years on this car, and one tire is pretty expensive for this model - around $300 each.
    So, should you buy a preowned Audi Q7 in 2017? Well, it could be a great deal if you like to go Off Road.
    Audi's Quattro AWD system is excellent for any conditions, so you could buy a Q7 in excellent condition at around 20,000 euros in Europe.
    Music - Chuki Beats

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