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    Filantropica is a 2002 Romanian dark comedy film directed by Nae Caranfil and starring Mircea Diaconu. Critically acclaimed and considered a landmark film of the Romanian New Wave, it is described as a "comedy about corruption and greed and how to get a free meal in fancy restaurants". Caranfil, the director, has a cameo appearance as a karaoke singer, singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way".
    Ovidiu Gorea is a jaded high-school teacher and novice writer in his mid-40s who is still living with his parents. He has just published a collection of short stories titled Nobody Dies for Free that the bookstores reject because no one buys it.
    The high school principal asks him to deal with a problem-student, Robert. Ovidiu has Robert call one of his parents for talks, but the boy sends his sister, Diana, a gorgeous teenager, instead. Ovidiu is smitten. He convinces Diana to go on a date with him, but what he thinks will be a quiet evening over coffee turns into a bar-hopping binge that leaves him nearly broke.
    One night, he meets a shabby-looking drunk beggar who offers to recite poems in exchange for vodka. The two start talking and Ovidiu learns that the guy makes two or three times more money than him in a month out of this. He asks for an explanation and the beggar refers him to the Filantropica Foundation.
    Located in a desolate basement, the Filantropica Foundation is actually the lair of Bucharest's beggars' leader, Pavel Puiuţ. A former convict, he realized that begging leads nowhere "unless there is a touching story behind the hand that begs", so he created an organized network of beggars, each with an invented, tear-jerking, background story that yields millions. Puiuţ listens to Ovidiu's story and thinks he is perfect for his new "project".
    Filantropica este un film de comedie românesc din 2002, regizat de Nae Caranfil după propriul scenariu. Rolurile principale sunt interpretate de Mircea Diaconu, Gheorghe Dinică, Mara Nicolescu, Viorica Vodă și Florin Zamfirescu. Acest film a fost propunerea României la Premiul Oscar pentru cel mai bun film străin în 2003.
    Uniunea Cineaștilor din România (UCIN) a distins acest film în 2001 cu șase premii: Marele Premiu (Filantropica), Premiul special al juriului (Gheorghe Dinică - pentru rolul din Filantropica), Premiul pentru scenariu (Nae Caranfil), Premiul pentru scenografie (Svetlana Mihăilescu - pentru costumele din acest film), Premiul pentru interpretare rol principal masculin (Mircea Diaconu), Premiul pentru interpretare rol principal feminin (Mara Nicolescu).
    Mircea Diaconu ... Ovidiu Gorea
    Gheorghe Dinica ... Pavel Puiut
    Mara Nicolescu ... Miruna
    Viorica Voda ... Diana Dobrovicescu
    Marius Florea Vizante ... Simpaticul
    Florin Zamfirescu ... Poetul Garii de Nord
    Cristian Gheorghe ... Robert Dobrovicescu
    Florin Calinescu ... Florin Calinescu
    Constantin Draganescu ... Tatal
    Monica Ghiuta ... Mama
    Ovidiu Niculescu ... Ospatarul
    Valentin Popescu ... Recuperator #1
    Nae Caranfil ... Cantaret Karaoke
    Filantropica (2002) Subtitrat in Engleza - Romanian movie - ENGLISH SUBTITLES - HD 1080p

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