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  • Synopsis: The martial arts action movie "Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple ???????" tells a story in the 33rd year of Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1554), at the behest of the Emperor 18 Shaolin kung fu monks (using the long stick as the weapon) headed by Monk Wujue take off to the south to help defend the empire�s shores against the Japanese Pirates invasion. Shortly upon their arrival on the Jiangsu-Zhejiang frontline the monks encountered a team of Japanese Pirates and rescue the civilians held hostage from the enemy. The twin brother of the commander of the pirates Seton is killed in the battle. The monks leading the refugees flee to Feiyu Fortress seeking protection, where the garrison, dreading the ferocious Japanese Pirates, have taken flight. The monks decide to stay and stoke up at the fortress. Learning his twin brother was killed by the monks, Seton slaughters local monasteries and vows to kill off all the monks. He sends the bulk of his army to Feiyu Fortress where mostly are women and the elderly. The monks� mission was to teach Shaolin Kungfu to the soldiers on the front line, yet they remain with the civilians at the fortress to protect them from a carnage. They successfully hold off the invaders in their first round of attack, but the defense plan failed subsequently following the rash moves by Wuzheng, one of the younger monks. Several other monks are since butchered. After learning that the fortress has been guarded by a body of monks, Seton immediately dispatches his ninja troops to carry out a raid in the build-up to the final battle. Colonel Cao from the Ming army had been passing himself as one of the refugees and trying to talk the monks into retreating. Now he is gripped by shame and pitches in with the defense and successfully repels the ninjas. Livid at the successive failures to capture the fortress, Seton sends out all his troops to avenge the death of his brother and wipe out the monks. At this decisive moment, the monks form the tactical staff formation to deter the frenzied enemy offensive so that the civilians could escape unharmed.
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    ?? Studio: ???? Qishu Youyu Media, ???? Chuanying Media, ???? JY Media.
    ??? Produced by: ??? Luo Jingjing, ?? Si Wen, ?? You Wei, ??? Xiang Weibin, ??? Yao Jinhu.
    ?? Directed by: ??? Zhang Zhulin, ??? Li Xijie.
    ?? Screenplay by: ?? Hua Long.
    ?? Starring: ?? Xie Miao (Miu Tse), ??? Gu Shangwei, ??? Long Yangyang, ??? Hu Shiqun, ??? Yang Tiantian, ??? Xu Shaohang, ??? Du Guanru.
    ?? Genres: ?? ?? #MartialArts ?? #Action
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