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    Welcome to my new Avatar 2 Full Fan Movie in English. James Cameron and the team went ahead and filmed Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 one after another and Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are also being planned.
    In Avatar 2 Full Fan Movie, you can expect to see the human Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, the Na'vi Neytiri, played by Zoe Zaldana, as well as other recuring characters such as Dr. Grace Augustine played by Sigourney Weaver and Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang. Action wise, Avatar 2 picks up right after the first Avatar movie. In the Avatar sequels you won't just be returning to Pandora, you will meet new worlds, a whole new species that is living under water and we'll see a new conflict of cultures, both between the humans and Na'vi, but also between the Pandora inhabitants themselves. So, let�s see what we can expect from Avatar 2.
    A whole new adventure in Pandora is opening up for you, by watching Avatar 2 as a full movie. After successfully defending their home, the Na'vi enjoy life on the densely forested habitable moon. Nevertheless, the joy is short for the blue-skinned, sapient humanoids, as new forces threaten their life once again. At this point, the story of the new avatar 2 movie has a surprising twist.
    After the humans were defeated in the first Avatar movie, Jake Sully stayed behind and raised a family with Neytiri. Humans led by Colonel Miles Quaritch are not ready to back down and admit defeat just yet. They will return with new forces and a new plan to attack Pandora. After the humans use biological weapons to invade the Na'vi in Avatar 2, a new breed of mutant inhabitants populates Pandora. This brings a whole new level of action to the movie. We will have to see how the Na'vi will engage with the mutants and what new challenges will be presented in Avatar 2 for our heroes. Will Jake Sully and Neytiri manage to win once again? Be excited about the end of the full movie Avatar 2.
    In the following you get a quick look on what you are about to see and among others, which adventure is waiting for you on Pandora:
    00:00:00 Movie Intro
    00:00:28 James Cameron's Avatar 2
    00:01:02 The adventure on Pandora begins
    00:02:49 War of Pandora
    00:03:55 Toruk Makto
    00:04:31 Tree of Souls
    00:04:56 Papa Dragon Gunship
    00:06:43 Avatar Prequel
    00:06:51 Welcome to Hell's Gate
    00:08:56 Ryder's Avatar: Dreamwalker
    00:10:42 Ryder meets Commander Falco
    00:11:46 Blue Lagoon, Viperwolves
    00:12:42 Dalton, fixing the fence problem
    00:14:51 Meeting Dr. Harper & Tan Jala
    00:16:58 Follow Tan Jala
    00:17:48 Ryder joins Harper to help Na'vi
    00:19:33 Seizing the link chambers
    00:20:38 Ryder meets Beyda'amo
    00:22:13 Destroying sky towers with Marali
    00:23:37 Finding the Ikran
    00:24:51 Destroying the machines
    00:25:40 Attack on link chamber
    00:26:40 Tsahik Sanume saves Dreamwalker
    00:27:43 Vitraya Ramunong: a long-forgotten Well of Souls
    00:29:11 Looking for Lungoray, meeting Unipey
    00:32:05 Meeting Lungoray
    00:33:55 Death of Lungoray
    00:34:54 Gathering song from shards
    00:35:54 Going Toruka Na'ring for the next song
    00:38:21 The Tawtute
    00:38:56 Saving Palulukan
    00:39:52 Finding the shards
    00:42:47 Gathering the song
    00:44:36 Going Va'eras Vitraya for the next song
    00:47:34 Oloniwin, Riltaw
    00:49:19 Gathering the song
    00:50:52 Going Kxania Taw for the last song
    00:51:38 Collecting the shards
    00:54:09 Ni'awve Mokri - The first voice
    00:55:56 Awakening the Well of Souls
    00:57:11 Going Kaolia Tei
    00:57:56 Attacking commanders
    00:59:49 Flying to Ta'antasi
    01:01:04 Eywa
    01:04:06 Credits
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